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Alastair Oxberry

Podiatrist/Owner Alastair Oxberry

Alastair graduated from the University of Plymouth with a Bsc (Hons) Podiatry Degree.

Alastair took over and became the managing director in November 2019 and is extremely proud of how The Foot and Gait Clinic has grown as a practice professionally and clinically over the last 2 years!

Alastair strives to make The Foot and Gait Clinic a centre of excellence for medical professionals, especially those associated with biomechanics and MSK. The Foot and Gait Clinic has seen much success and maintains a phenomenal reputation over the last 30 years and Alastair is driven to push its clinical and professional standards even further

Alastairs main passion lies in lower limb biomechanics and gait analysis to treat and prevent musculoskeletal pathologies. Alastair mainly works in our gait lab videoing, analysing and assessing people’s gait and biomechanics while making in-house orthotics in our orthotic manufacturing lab or creating rehabilitation programmes involving excersise therpapy, strapping and stretching programmes.

Alastair is a fond believer in providing the best possible treatment for his patients and believes it’s a massive advantage to have in house referral if the patient and their condition required the addition of other practicitioners.

Alastair also practices Chiropody, nail surgery and has skills in using ultrasound imaging for more precise diagnostics. He also has his POMs certification making him able to give Prescription Only Medicines.