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K-Laser Dynamic Therapy is an excellent multidisciplinary therapy.

K-Laser Therapy is a cutting-edge procedure that uses lasers to treat a wide range of different injuries and conditions. K-Laser Therapy utilises red and near-infrared light to regenerate tissue.

Treatment of FUNGAL NAIL

Mycoses can be limited to the outermost portion of nails or can affect proximal and distal sections.  If left untreated, mycoses can cause onycholysis and nail dystrophy. which can also affect the foot skin both at plantar and at interdigital level, with conditions such as Interdigital Tinea Pedis, usually known as Athlete’s Foot.

A course of K-Laser treatments can destroy the fungus within the toenail, or can be used post toenail avulsion to accelerate the healing of the nail bed and boost the local immune response. It is also effective on Paronychia.

Treatment Process: 

3 appointments are required in 1 week (7 days) followed by a 2 week break and then another x 3 appointments in 1 week (7 days)

If the nails have been infected for longer than 5 years then this process will needed to be repeated (a further x 6 appointments)

A 5 minute fungal nail test is available to confirm the presence.  

Treatment of VERRUCA and WARTS

K-Laser’s High Energy Tip eliminates plantar warts by simultaneously activating the immune response and cauterising the infected tissues: an innovative, safe, and efficient treatment option with a very low recurrence risk.

Currently K-Laser is showing a 90% success rate for verruca elimination.

Treatment Process: 

First appointment is 1 hour, follow-up appointments are 30 minutes unless multiple verrucae are present requiring 1 hour follow-up appointments.

x 1 appointment is needed every two weeks