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Different insoles and orthotics available:

Trial Orthotics – £80

Soft trial insoles often prescribed to test out prescriptions during the Biomechanical Assessment and Gait Analysis.

These shell is very soft and lightweight. They are typically adjusted with the appropriate prescription for our patients. These are fantastic for trialling different prescriptions as we are still able to keep adapting when needed.

These trial othotics typically last 6 months for our average patient. Although when used less and patients who are smaller, they tend to last much longer.

Reinforced Insoles – £100

The medium firmness allows the foot to bed the insole into shape to maximize comfort, but once bed-in, the insole shows good durability.

Suitable for walking, running, golf and racket sports, the reinforced insole is designed to improve your foot’s function and relieve the symptoms of pain when adapted with the patients appropriate prescription. We are able to this in-house. These Orthotics are often used in the trial process also.

Typically lasting around 9 months to a year, these shells can be an effective solution at a low cost.

Semi-Bespoke orthotics – £195

Semi-Bespoke Orthotics are normally EVA shells which has excellent durability and comfort when prescribing orthotics. when can adjust and mould the shell and easily adapt to the patients prescription needs.

These Orthotics typically last a few years. This can be a great medium between trial and casted bespoke orthotics.

Bespoke Casted Orthotics – £385

Bespoke casted orthotics are a permanent version we cast, create and adapt in-house. We cast the patients foot with Plaster of Paris to get an exact mood and fit to the patients foot.

Once casted our orthoses technicians create an orthotic made of polypropylene, EVA and TPU (these are all very durable materials) depending on the needs of the patient. We can make them any size, thickness and softness to fit any type of footwear.

These orthoses normally take 1-2 weeks to create before having a fitting session with either a podiatrist or orthotic technician. Once both clinicians and patients are happy we finalise the orthotics with desired materials e.g. leather top covers.

The £385 includes casting, making, fitting and adjusting appointment.

These orthotic shells typically last a 20 years + if looked after and not over heated. Although top covers and bottom covers may need to be replaced every few years or so. This is usually at a cost of £50.