Biomechanical Assessment

As we stand, walk or run our body will sometimes compensate for any anomalies caused by asymmetry. These compensations will put muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons under strain. Over time these may become inflamed or injured.

A Biomechanical Assessment is an examination of the lower limb. It looks for any underlying causes of foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain. It normally takes around 1 hour and is carried out by your podiatrist. You will need to bring shorts to change into so we can see your knees. Bringing footwear that you usually wear daily is also helpful.

Biomechanics & Orthotics

What is a Biomechanical Assessment?

Our assessment includes a static (weight and non weight bearing) and a dynamic (walking or running) assessment. In order to understand what is happening during walking or running, you may be videoed. This can be played back in slow motion and paused so we can fully observe the way you walk. Sometimes, as part of an initial assessment, if clinically appropriate, clinicians may give a pair of trial orthotics in order to assess the efficacy of orthotic based treatment. Progression onto permanent orthotics is not always required. If permanent orthotics are found to be useful, this will be at further cost. If orthotics are not found to be useful, we may prescribe exercises, stretching regimes, strapping or shoe advice.

Initial STANDARD Biomechanical Assessment £199

Biomechanics & Orthotics treats:
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendonopathy
  • Bunions
  • Ankle and leg pain
  • Knee, hip and lower back pain
  • Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction
  • Walking and running pathologies
Initial Biomechanical Assessment

What is included in an initial Biomechanical Assessment?

Bio-mechanical Assessment – Gait Analysis – Running Technique Analysis – Bespoke Orthotic Prescription – Stretching Programmes – Strength and Conditioning Programmes – Strapping and Shoe Advise.

Prescription Flip Flop and Sandals

Sometimes, it is hard to wear orthotics within summer shoes. Now, by sending your cast to a bespoke sandal or flip-flop maker, your orthotic can be made as part of the shoe, making orthotics easy to wear, even in Summer!

Permanent Orthotics

Permanent orthotics can be a progressional option after successful trial pairs. They offer more durable materials to ensure a longer lasting prescription. These can be repaired and refurbished. Patients will need an appointment to make a plaster cast or scan of their feet.

Clinical Reports

Clinical reports after you assessment or treatment may be requested. Cost – £40

What do I need to wear?
What do I need to bring?
How much is a follow-up appointment?

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